New Mobility Products of Stannah on display at the NAIDEX 2012

The global leader in Stair-Lift manufacturing, Stannah has put on display five of its latest products for homelifting in the UK’s biggest independent living expo, NAIDEX 2012. These may be called the ‘next generation’ series of the home-lifts and stair-lifts that has extended the product range of Stannah in the recent years. These products have been sketched and developed keeping in mind the various needs of a bigger range of people so it may help them enhance their quality of living.

Siena is practical and contemporary new chair in the stair-lift range of Stannah that complements the Starla, which was launched the previous year. It is available in four varieties of colors with ‘arm isolation’ safety feature. It will hit the markets later this year.

Sadler is a chair that is designed and developed for the people who have limited flexibility in their overall knees, shoulders and hips. This product supports the user’s weight and keeps the legs relaxed. The launch dates are yet to be declared.

600 rail is a narrower, neater, straight rail with an option to retract the rail gives a good technical benefit with zero over-hangs on the top as well as a short length of minimum of rail.

Stratum is the new vertical lift that moves the users in a smooth, safe and quiet fashion between the floors. It does not require any kind of major alteration to the structure for fitment. It can accommodate any A or B wheelchair to its platform. It is available on order.

Salise is a very sleek home-lift that is best suited for everybody. It can move up to two people between the floors. This has been designed with one thing in mind and that is to make the home-lift as easy as possible within the homes. It is also available immediately on order.

Importance of disabled stair lifts

A disabled stair lift is really an important discovery, keeping in mind the plights of a disabled person. It is the best choice for the disabled people as far as vertical movements are concerned. They can use it to move themselves above the ground level. They provide a better freedom to the physically challenged ones who wants to climb the stairs. For instance, in the United Kingdom it is mandatory to have stair lifts in every public building specifically for the use of the physically challenged people.

They are designed in a smart way, so that the wheel-chairs can fit into the stair lifts without any hassle. It can port the disabled persons from one floor to another. It helps the wheelchair users to loco mote on the platform and it can be lifted to any desired level. The technology involved in the disabled stair lifts is quite ancient, but it has developed with the course of time and has increased the self-confidence of the disabled people as well.They were generally used on the back of vans and trucks.

With its use, the owner is able to place the wheelchair on the lift and move to the desired place. When the user is in the lift, it rises from the ground with a unique controlpad and takes the user to his or her desired level.

Many governments are trying to encourage the use of disabled stair lifts. As has been mentioned earlier, government in the UK has made it mandatory for all public buildings to have disabled stair lifts installed in them. There are other governments around the world who are doing the same and encouraging the use of disabled stair lifts for the betterments of the differently abled people.

All you need to know about Acorn outdoor stair lifts

Acorn provides a new stairlift fully weather proof for outdoor use. It is endowed with all the special features and ease of Acorn Super-glide Straight Stairlift. A durable water-resistant cover is also available. The Acorn Stairlifts are reliable and easy to use and are reasonable as well. It makes your home accessible again. Acorn Stairlift is the leading brand in the manufacture, installation and innovation of stair-lift.

It specially helps the physically challenged people to climb stairs once again and brings your family together again. And the most remarkable factor is that they don’t displease you with the delivery. You can install it according to your convenience. The strikingly handsome features of Acorn outdoor stair lifts are:

  • Free no obligation consultation
  • Comprehensive 12 month warranty
  • Takes just one hour to be installed.
  • Get the upstairs back.

Whatever be the stair case system of your house, Acorn has the perfect solution for installation.

Their delegates will help you with any kind of problems that you might have related to Acorn Stair-lifts. So just go ahead and have your family love back.

World’s first stair lift for overweight dogs

Dog obesity is drastically increasing these days. The insurance company, More Than, predicts that over half of the U.S National dogs will be overweight by the year 2022. Although there is a few starving strays dogs, for maximum number of modern dogs, life involves too much of eating.

Sedimentation of excess layers of epithelial fat can create pressure on the animal’s back and cause a plethora of bone and skin problems and respiratory troubles which can make a pet unable of climbing stairs.

Soon those ‘fatty’ dogs will have their own vertical mode of transportation within the house in the form of a new stair lift. The stair lift we are talking about here is still in the developing phase.Manufacturers believe the $8,000 dog-lift will be adapted by a big company which will accelerate its development for an impending market.

The machinehas been designed keeping in view the disabled pets. It features a special ‘paw push’ start button located close to the base for the animal to reach to it with an outstretched limb.

Pets can gently slumber into the basket which then raises several feet off the floor before carrying the four-legged passenger up the stairs.

Stair lifts for the elderly: All you need to know

Arthritis is something that restricts the movements primarily amongst elderly people and this hinders them to climb stairs owing to join pain. This is where a stairlift comes into picture as these provide a chair that is mechanically escalated through the staircase so that even the elderly can climb the stairs without having to move even a single muscle.

Acorn is a company that specializes in stairlifts as their innovative mechanism facilitates swivel seats that are lockable along with paddle controls, safety belts, etc. The paddle switches of the machine have been conveniently installed on the arm handle which in turn controls the movement of the stairlift. If the stairlift is stationary, then there are two remote controls that have been provided with the machine that serve the purpose of controlling the stairlift’s movementwithout any hassles as such. There are two buttons one of which is present at the bottom of the stairs whereas the other one is at the top of the stairs. So in case if you are standing at the bottom of the stairs, then you can call the stairlift from the bottom of the staircase just by pressing the button that is given there. Same goes for the top.

Seat belts have been given which ensure that the person sitting on the chair stays put and does not slip off the chair while it is in motion.

Install a Stair Lift to hack the Risk of Falls

Falls from stairs are one of the biggest causes of injury, hospitalization and deaths among senior citizens across the United States.

Falls can be prevented by avoiding the stairs, but it will mean avoiding a potentially large part of your home and life. Relying on a nurse or installing an elevator can be convenient but they are expensive too.

Thus, if you are in search of a convenient as well as economical means to go up and down you house, then a stair lift is the best option for you.

A stair lift is a mechanical device that lifts people and even a wheelchair up and down stairs. Also known as stair lifts and stair gliders, this mechanical device can be installed on sufficiently wide stairs.

A rail is mounted on the wall beside the stairs or to the treads of the stairs. A lifting platform such as a chair is attached to the rail, which can lift the user up and down stairs. A stair lift is easy to install, and many people opt to install this lifting aid on their own.

Stair lifts, which were first produced commercially and sold in the United States in 1930s by the Inclinator Company of America, are very helpful for the aged and disabled individuals.

Savaria B07 Stair Lift makes life easier

We live in a world where apartments and large houses are the craze, with a number of floors to choose from. But for some it is quite difficult to live in a place where there are stairs. For people who are old, handicapped and weaker, stairs are the enemies. But in the world we live in, there is no dearth in technology. There is nothing that technology cannot make easy, and for this problem as well, we look into technology to solve.

In comes Savaria B07 Stair Lift. It’s a state of the art featured work with AC power or can even be powered by battery unit. It comes with a robust aluminum rail that that ensures it is held upright and works to travel a distance of 32 feet. With the choice of installing it either on the left or the right side of the stairway, the system is designed to suit your needs keeping in mind of the availability of the area as well. The device works with the help of a roller chain coupled to a ½ HP motor.  The interesting piece of the device is the seat that has the ability to swivel at the top of the stairs and at the bottom too, making angular positions at 45 and 90 degrees.

Savaria B07 Stair Lift is known to run on 120VAC or 24V DC with a charging system that give continuous backup. While the battery option of the device is advisable when used for residential operation. The seat opens up to be approximately 18” wide and when not in use, the seat can be folded in.

For the sake of comfort and knowing how difficult it might be for troubled people, the device is made with special padded armrests with a comfortable footrest too. All these features come with appropriate controls, with which you can make the right variations for the seat and the footrest, lowered or raised; it all depends on your comfort level. These wireless controls are placed at a comfortable distance at arms’ length, from where you can regulate your way up and down.

Let’s say that you need to go up the stairs and the device is on the top of the stairs. Well in this case, there is a set of call controls that would be installed at both ends of the stairs, at the top and at the bottom. All you need to do is just press a button and the device will come to you.

It moves at a steady pace and would be a smooth ride. For certain stairs which swerve and go up even further, there are specific models that suit these conditions. With the specifications you require, you can acquire the Savaria B07 Stair Lift and enjoy the luxury of traveling up the stairs and back in style and with ease.

Home Lift Store launches Brooks Indoor Stairlift

A new Stairlift model is out in the market and it has been launched in the Home Lift Store. Brooks Indoor Stairlift is known for its attractively smooth features and appearance. It has bright and calming color schemes which sets it apart from the otherwise dark and gaudy colors and make a great addition to the home.

This stair lift is a premium addition to the collection of models that has the regular features of a Stairlift along with some tweaks that increases its performance and efficiency. Among these features, the ones that stand out are the folding footrest, the newly designed arm rests and seat that also fold and is not only comfortable but also occupies less space.

A classic feature that adds to the standard of Brooks Stairlift is the diagnostic display in digital format. This feature enables the clients to operate and take care of potential problems and rising issues with ease. This includes safety precautions where a switch would be triggered when it comes in contact with an object that is in the way of the movement of the lift. The Stairlift would then stop until the item has been removed from the way. This battery operated Stairlift is a flagship model of the Home Lift Store.

MediTek to see better turnover with new Stairlift models

MediTek, a Stairlift company, will soon reveal two new models, a deluxe model and a brand new budget priced piece. With financial support from the Investing for Growth Initiative program of Yorkshire Bank, the two new models will be unveiled sometime this year.

These units have been designed to meet the right standards and are bound to raise the turnover of the company. MediTek provides Stairlifts of different models and specifications to various countries covering the UK, US, New Zealand, South Africa and Japan. For the next twelve months, the company is counting on these two new models to push its turnover by a whopping 35%. And for the next couple of years, MediTek hopes the sales would increase in the US with the launch of the two models. It is also planning on working with various distributors in Europe in hopes of increasing its range of market by 40 percent.

The managing director of MediTek, Philip Rice confirmed their plans for expanding in the US and in Europe. He believes the US consists of a good market for the company’s products and things will look brighter once they have started their operations. Well we hope that MediTek’s assessment proves to be right.

Acorn Stair lift Company’s turnover boosts up

Steeton based Acorn, a Stair lift manufacturing company, has seen some great figures for the past year. With the rise in the population, the need for Stair lifts seems to be increasing constantly. Statistics show that the company recorded an increase in its sales by almost 23 percent and its turnover increased by 22.4 percent on a year on year basis.

The sales director of the company believes that the reason behind the increase is due to the trend in the ageing factor and the rise of wealthy older customers. He referred to a broadcast on BBC which showed the ageing trend and their attitude towards it. Though the company is seeing good sales, it also sees how the people are resisting change of the factor.

Most of their customers admit to the fact that they should have purchased the Stair lift quite earlier, as with its use, they feel more independent. The BBC documentaries gave them an insight into the perception of the older generation. Since Stair lifts can be installed within a day, people should accept the help of the device instead of holding on to older notions. With the use of these devices, customers have the sense of freedom among other things as well.