Staying Mobile With Braun Wheelchair Lift Parts

Do you have a Braun wheelchair lift? It is great for those who cannot by their own but need to go put frequently for either check ups or other important assignments. Braun wheelchair lift parts is also given importance toady as needs of different people vary. Needs vary as well as choices, therefore you might […]

New Mobility Products of Stannah on display at the NAIDEX 2012

The global leader in Stair-Lift manufacturing, Stannah has put on display five of its latest products for homelifting in the UK’s biggest independent living expo, NAIDEX 2012. These may be called the ‘next generation’ series of the home-lifts and stair-lifts that has extended the product range of Stannah in the recent years. These products have […]

Importance of disabled stair lifts

A disabled stair lift is really an important discovery, keeping in mind the plights of a disabled person. It is the best choice for the disabled people as far as vertical movements are concerned. They can use it to move themselves above the ground level. They provide a better freedom to the physically challenged ones […]

All you need to know about Acorn outdoor stair lifts

Acorn provides a new stairlift fully weather proof for outdoor use. It is endowed with all the special features and ease of Acorn Super-glide Straight Stairlift. A durable water-resistant cover is also available. The Acorn Stairlifts are reliable and easy to use and are reasonable as well. It makes your home accessible again. Acorn Stairlift […]

World’s first stair lift for overweight dogs

Dog obesity is drastically increasing these days. The insurance company, More Than, predicts that over half of the U.S National dogs will be overweight by the year 2022. Although there is a few starving strays dogs, for maximum number of modern dogs, life involves too much of eating. Sedimentation of excess layers of epithelial fat […]

Stair lifts for the elderly: All you need to know

Arthritis is something that restricts the movements primarily amongst elderly people and this hinders them to climb stairs owing to join pain. This is where a stairlift comes into picture as these provide a chair that is mechanically escalated through the staircase so that even the elderly can climb the stairs without having to move […]

Install a Stair Lift to hack the Risk of Falls

Falls from stairs are one of the biggest causes of injury, hospitalization and deaths among senior citizens across the United States. Falls can be prevented by avoiding the stairs, but it will mean avoiding a potentially large part of your home and life. Relying on a nurse or installing an elevator can be convenient but […]

Savaria B07 Stair Lift makes life easier

We live in a world where apartments and large houses are the craze, with a number of floors to choose from. But for some it is quite difficult to live in a place where there are stairs. For people who are old, handicapped and weaker, stairs are the enemies. But in the world we live […]

Stair lifts with upgrades in Denver by Applied Elevator announced

Denver and a few other places will be seeing some interesting upgrades in elevators and stair lifts. Applied Elevator has decided to work on variations and upgrading features of the already existing stair lifts and giving them a new look. They will be providing new designs that work well with the modern stair lifts and […]

Home Lift Store launches Brooks Indoor Stairlift

A new Stairlift model is out in the market and it has been launched in the Home Lift Store. Brooks Indoor Stairlift is known for its attractively smooth features and appearance. It has bright and calming color schemes which sets it apart from the otherwise dark and gaudy colors and make a great addition to […]