MediTek to see better turnover with new Stairlift models

MediTek, a Stairlift company, will soon reveal two new models, a deluxe model and a brand new budget priced piece. With financial support from the Investing for Growth Initiative program of Yorkshire Bank, the two new models will be unveiled sometime this year. These units have been designed to meet the right standards and are […]

Acorn Stair lift Company’s turnover boosts up

Steeton based Acorn, a Stair lift manufacturing company, has seen some great figures for the past year. With the rise in the population, the need for Stair lifts seems to be increasing constantly. Statistics show that the company recorded an increase in its sales by almost 23 percent and its turnover increased by 22.4 percent […]

Why You Should Buy an AC-Powered Stair Glide?

There are a great number of people who are suffering from mobility problems and are not capable of using stairs. If, unfortunately, you are among those people and have to depend on others to go up and down stairs, then there is a good option for you to become self-dependent in this case – stair […]

Quality Stair Lifts from Williams Surgical at desired Prices

Williams Surgical provides special stair lifts and wheelchair lifts. These are available in a huge range of options to make sure that the client is comfortable and does not have to spend too much on it. Williams Surgical also provides independent platforms for home, office, and commercial purposes. If someone wants these kinds of lifts […]

Advantages of the stair chair lifts

The stair chair lift is great for providing mobility to people who have any form of handicap or cannot move freely due to health problems. Its advantages are mentioned as follows: It provides comfort and safety at the same time. Riding on it is smooth and there are no jerks It has durability and is […]

What Is a Dumbwaiter Elevator And How Much Does it Cost?

A dumbwaiter is a small elevator that is used to transport heavy items from one floor to another floor. Usually, it is used to transport laundry, food or any heavy items. There are both commercial and residential versions available on the market. Dumbwaiters For Homes Usually, only multi-storied homes install dumbwaiters as they can transport […]

Repercussions of purchasing a stairlift

Purchasing a stairlift comes with its own set of repercussions as it is usually said that these machines do not have a good value of resale in case someone wants to sell them off. Usually stairlifts come with a 1500 Euros price tag but if a person is fortunate enough, then he can get a […]

Buy A Used Stairlift And Save Money

It has been seen that it’s not easy to climb the stairs for the old age people and the people who are suffering from the mobility related diseases/problems. Stairs are oftenly avoided by these people, since falling down can lead such people toward death or can be a cause for the hospitalization and accidental death […]

Stairlifts Are Safe, Easy And Convenient To Use

A stairlift, as the name suggests, is a mechanical lift installed onto the treads of the stairs so that people can be lifted up and down the stairs. These stairlifts are generally used to lift wheelchairs as well as people who are handicapped and therefore unable to negotiate the stairs themselves. Also known as chair […]

Why Use Stairlift Rentals?

The first question that comes to mind when you think of installing stairlifts in your home is ‘should I buy a stair lift or to rent it?’ Both the options should be considered on a reasonable basis like if you want stairlift for a temporary purpose then renting it must be preferred over buying it […]