Electric Stair Lift – Buy Electric Stairlift

Disability or handicap shouldn’t stop people from being mobile. It definitely shouldn’t be a reason for somebody to stay confined in a room or house and stop enjoying life. One of the challenges that handicaps and the elderly face everyday is how to tackle a staircase. However, this should not be a problem because a […]

Electric WheelChair Lifts – Advantages Of Getting WheelChair Stair Lifts

Family members and care givers who are very much concerned about the elderly or disabled people they are looking after have heaved sighs of relief with the installation of electric wheelstair lifts at home. Even the users themselves find that these lifts have made their lives easier and they have become much more independent. Let’s […]

Home Stair Lift Systems – Chair Lifts For Stairs

One of the most upsetting things that can happen to you inside your home is when your movement is restricted and you can no longer move from the living room to the second floor of the home. Often times this isn’t your choice. Sometimes the restrictions in movements can be traced to aging, and sometimes […]

Stair Lift Rentals

Many people get to have this dilemma whether to just resolve to purchase a stair lift or to opt for a stair lift rental. Of course, if you come to think of it, renting will cost you less. This is the first thing that one will consider. You might already have it in mind that […]

Home Stair Lift – Chair Stair Lifts

A lot of people face problems regarding mobility and accessibility even at home because of an injury, a handicap, or because of old age. Buying and installing a home stair lift could readily address these problems. Many times we get worried and concerned about leaving our disabled loved ones at home for fear that they […]

Stair Lift Manufacturers – Acorn, Stannah and Bruno Stair Lifts

With technology practically giving us a plethora of information almost instantly, it is now very much possible to communicate with others immediately. If you are seriously considering an access stair lift at home, you can make a search of the websites of stair lift manufacturers and find out what products you can use. Accessibility in […]

Used Stair Lift – What To Take Note When Buying Used Stair Lifts

If you are concerned about your budget and yet you are so decided to have a stair lift installed on your staircase for you or your family member’s convenience, purchasing a used stair lift could be your excellent option. You can actually find several online shops that sell used stair lifts for a much cheaper […]

Measuring A Stair Lift

Before purchasing any stair lifts, one should always make sure of the size of the stair lifts and the way in which it is mounted. To understand the correct mounting position, the first thing a customer should do is to stand on the bottom of the stair lift and find out on which side it […]

Stair Lift Prices For The Different Types Of Stair Lifts

Stair lift is another innovative technology that allows disabled, aged people to live a normal and active life. Handicaps are not anymore limited to staying in just one room or corner. Now, they can enjoy navigating their home with the rest of the family member with less or completely no assistance from anyone. This is […]

Curved Stair Lift

A curved stair lift is a type of stair lift and is generally custom made to fit a particular staircase. It is designed for stair steps that have corners, sections and twists. The rails of a curved stair lift are also custom built so compared to other types of stair lift; it is more expensive, […]